Blockchain Translation Services

Blockchain is a new paradigm of the information world. Emerging in 2008 when someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, rumoured to be an alias, described an electronic payment protocol for a peer-to-peer network. And so, blockchain technology was born. Blockchain is a mathematical algorithm that allows you to safely and privately exchange values through peer-to-peer networks. The Bitcoin network was the first practical implementation of blockchain technology.

Now we can see how blockchain technology can be applied in the real world, partially or wholly removing intermediaries and centralised systems. The most considerable interest in blockchain was noticed in early 2018 among financial companies.

Currently, the team here at TERRATRA, as well as many other companies and government bodies, are actively investing in technologies that increase our operating efficiency. TERRATRA offer both cryptocurrency translation expertise as well as white paper translation services, with access to a wide network of translators with proven experience delivering projects in this sector.

So far, only specialists such as developers, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, university representatives and the government have shown a keen interest in this technology. End-user awareness is still low. The transition to the blockchain era poses several challenges, with the public’s willingness to accept a new information paradigm being one of the key issues.

But who will lead the blockchain revolution?

TERRATRA provide high quality services, since our team incorporates the leading field experts. We can help you dismantle all language barriers and break into the world market today.