How It Works

At TERRATRA we target the end consumer. We provide excellence in all of our projects, large and small, and we are always here to help.

Our team of freelance linguists provide high-quality translation, transcription, subtitling, voice-over services and more in over 200 languages. Our company is growing exponentially due to our commitment to excellence, rapid and clear communication, project diversity, and timeliness with deadlines.

Some of our translations include: documentation, software, marketing materials, journals, magazines and books, training manuals and guides, annual reports, business correspondence, multimedia/e-learning, healthcare information and much more.

In the last year alone, we have worked with over 100 companies of all sizes. Get in touch today to join us at

Joining us is easy. Once we receive your files, we will send you a quote, confirming all details such as: field of subject, format of deliverable files, deadline, and everything else you need to know before proceeding. We work with our linguists across several different types of CAT tools, which makes higher volumes and tighter deadlines more feasible for us. We have linguists specialising in every field, which is why we are confident in all of our translations and handle such a wide variety of projects. Once a project is completed, we check it over carefully using Quality Assurance tools and fix any suspected issues before delivering to the client. As a result, we deliver high quality files on-time to all of our clients.

When assigning a project to a linguist, we make sure they are qualified in the subject area. Our translators check the files for spelling and grammatical errors using CAT tools. Once we receive the files from our linguists we also perform an internal QA Check using a CAT tool to ensure quality and accuracy. Only after this do we send the completed files to the client.

A linguist can typically translate 2500-3000 words per business day, however, for large volume projects with tight deadlines we can assign multiple linguists.

For inquiries, email [email protected] or contact us via the form on our website with your files for a free quote. Once you have done this, a representative will be in touch within 30 minutes with a quote. Also, if you would like to discuss your options over the phone or have any questions you can call us. We support all types of files and formats, working with companies worldwide to meet their translation needs.

TERRATRA Translators

TERRATRA works with over 10,000 translators from all over the world. TERRATRA’s team of linguists then checks each translation before delivery, ensuring your text reads naturally as well as being localised to suit your desired target audience.

All of the translators and linguists who work with TERRATRA meet our rigorous standards:

  • Must be native speakers of their target language(s)
  • Five years of demonstrated experience in translation is essential
  • Qualifications related to languages and areas of expertise
  • Language skills and specialist knowledge have been assessed by TERRATRA
  • Continuous evaluation of linguists on all projects
  • Only after having completed eight projects successfully are linguists then fully on boarded and integrated to the TERRATRA team

TERRATRA only works with verified translators and industry experts

Industry experts

We cooperate with over 8,000 experts from every corner of the globe with a diverse range of experience and fields of expertise.

Verified experts by field of expertise


Our costs are based on the volume of source text. The price varies based on the language pair, volume of the project, deadline, and field of subject, however, our innovative technology allows us to give you the most competitive rates on the market and the best quality. Contact one of our sales managers for a look into our process and more information.

Contact Us

To find out more about how translation and localisation can improve your business, contact us at [email protected] or call at +372 618 8075.