Voice Over Services

Producing professional audio content such as voice overs takes creativity and dedication, as well as a considerable amount of experience. Voice acting is the process of lending a voice for use in professional audio. This service is frequently employed by the gaming industry, in TV and film, on cartoons, in videos or on adverts, among other scenarios.

A voice over artist records the off camera dialogue or narration to accompany video production. Voice over actors read their scripts aloud to create a recording to overlay the video and provide additional information not conveyed on screen. The purpose of a voice-over can vary according to the format of the video. In adverts and promotional videos, voice-over is often used to convey extra information or help build excitement about the product or service on offer.

TV shows and films frequently utilise voice actors for narrating principle events, whereas documentaries and news may use voice actors to comment on a video clip or image or to add some context. Professional voice actors are clear, confident speakers. They successfully convey the tone and emotion required.

Voice acting projects can be highly diverse:

  • Voice acting projects can be highly diverse:
  • Voice acting used in films
  • Dubbing services in foreign language films
  • Professional voice acting used in animation
  • Trailers
  • TV
  • Adverts
  • On the radio
  • In audio drama
  • Gaming industry
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • During live functions and events
  • In competitions and awards shows
  • In children’s games
  • On public transport and within vehicles
  • In the production of documentaries
  • In phone messaging systems including Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • For professional training and e-learning programs

The possibilities are endless!

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