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Transcription is the act of rendering speech from audio or video (either live or recorded) into written format. The transcriber has expertise in their native language and subject matter (they are trained to deal with a range of speaking styles, speeds and accents). Linguists listen carefully to the audio files and transcribe what they hear in a Word, srt, txt or xlsx file format. Transcriptions and translations sometimes involve time coding depending on the client’s needs. Usually, time codes are recorded for every speaker, either every 30 seconds or every minute.

When the transcription involves a video file, following transcription a special software such as Subtitle Workshop is used to create subtitle files to synchronise the transcription to video. Subtitling covers the creation of lines of text (no more than two, with a limit of 84 character per subtitle, and no more than 42 characters per line) at the bottom of the screen.

Our audio transcription services are suitable for any type of content from telephone calls to conferences, interviews, corporate training videos and mainstream movies.

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