Video Games Translation and Localisation Services

From dialogue within the game to user manuals & more… TERRATRA’s video game translation services can help you succeed in the global gaming marketplace.

Each year worldwide, the gaming industry churns out a multi billion dollar revenue. PwC found that globally the sector could grow at a CAGR of 4.8%, reaching $90.1 billion in 2020. APAC consumers account for a majority of this, bringing in close to half of revenue worldwide, China accounts for almost 25% of revenue alone. When introducing a new brand to the international gaming market, video game localisation is essential. Gaming content combines technicality with creativity, delivering an incredible user experience to players around the world.

Did you know? Mobile platforms will soon have more users than PC.

Fortunately, linguists working with TERRATRA are not only avid games, but have extensive experience and knowledge in this field across multiple platforms. Our games translation services, available in more than 100 languages, help your product reach a global audience. We support the end-to-end texts and documentation involved in gaming, from character dialogue and marketing to technical aspects and back-end processes.

A translated product should provide the user with the same experience and interface as the source material. Poor translations leave gamers feeling disappointed and will therefore not be successful. Allow the team at TERRATRA to help your game succeed.

Driven by our passion for what we do, TERRATRA delivers excellent video game translations. Our team of professional linguists are not only native speakers but also avid gamers with first hand understanding of the gaming experience and knowledge of platform and genre specific terminology. Professional translator by day and avid gamer by night – who better to translate your video game?

Translation of Video Games for:

  • Consoles (Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, etc.)
  • Mobile (Android, Windows, iOS, etc.)
  • Online platforms such as MMO, MMORPG, RPG, etc.
  • Gamification and e-learning
  • Serious games including advergames
  • PC

TERRATRA supports both Word and Excel files, in addition to .XLIFF, .XML and STRINGS file types.