Technical Translation Services

In the technical and engineering industry, it is imperative that every translation is of a high quality and extremely accurate.

Industries such as global manufacturing, aerospace, and mechanical and electrical engineering among others, rely on large volumes of complicated, technical content. This may include complex plans and tables, instruction manuals and important safety information for the usage of new devices or machines. There is no room for error in this type of translation.

In order to be distributed globally with success, technical translations must be completed by professional, qualified translators. All linguists in this sector working with TERRATRA are trained, qualified experts, ensuring accuracy and reliability in all target languages.

International companies with technical and engineering products do not want their innovations to be lost in translation. TERRATRA’s translators and DTP specialists work to make sure that all of your content is accurately presented in any language, appealing to consumers in every local market.

Some of the industries we support include:


Electrical and mechanical engineering translation

Environment, energy & sustainability




Scientific and technical translation

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