Estonian Incorporation Certificates

Order your Estonian corporate documents easily online and receive them via courier or email.

In various scenarios, particularly when establishing a business bank account overseas or opening the brokerage account for the Estonian company, providing documentation validating your ownership or representative rights for the company is essential.

Certification requirements differ based on the institution, authority, and country. Confirm with the specific authority the accepted certification type before placing your order.

Types of Estonian certification services we provide:

Regular Translation
from €20per confirmation
  • Certification: Extracted, and certified by our company.

    Legal Validity: None; recommended for informational purposes only.
Certified Sworn Translated Documents
from €70per confirmation
  • Certification: Translated and certified by a Government-appointed sworn translator.

  • Legal Validity: Medium; generally accepted across most organizations in the European Economic Area.

Estonian Certificates Samples Documents

Below is the list of Estonian Documents currently supported through our online order form, along with samples. If you require something else, do not hesitate to contact us.

Certificate NameCertificate DescriptionSampleCertificate Alternative Name
Articles of AssociationInternal rules and regulations that govern a company's operations and management structure. These articles detail the rights and responsibilities of shareholders, directors, and officers within the organization.

Bylaws, Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA)
Registry CardValidates company's information: name, address, capital, management, legal status, and approval dates.

Registry Card, incl. shareholders, directors, UBOsIncluding all of the above, plus the additional information on shareholders, directors and UBOs.

Directors certificate, Shareholder certificate, UBO certificate
Registry Card with full historyAll the above including all historical changes

Directors certificate history, Shareholder history, UBO register history
Certificate of Residence and Tax LiabilityA certificate of residence and tax liability confirms an individual or entity's residency status for tax purposes.

Certificate of Estonian Tax residency
Certificate on Absence of Tax ArrearsA Certificate on Absence of Tax Arrears is an official document issued by tax authorities confirming that an individual or entity doesn't owe any outstanding taxes up to the date of issuance.

Last Submitted Annual ReportThe latest Estonian annual financial report is the most recent comprehensive document submitted to Estonian authorities by a company, detailing its financial performance, operational activities, and key information for a specific fiscal period.

Certificate of registration as a person liable to value added tax (VAT)This certificate confirms an entity's registration with tax authorities as a VAT-paying entity.

The registration certificate of a VAT payer
Resolution of Appointment of a DirectorA resolution of appointment of a director.

Ultimate Beneficiary Owners listExtract with Ultimate Beneficiary Owners (UBOs)

Ultimate Beneficiary Owners list with historyExtract with Ultimate Beneficiary Owners (UBOs) with historical changes

Certificate of arrearsPrepayments to tax?

Balance statementConfirmation letter from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, confirming liability, prepayment balances, and tax amount interest.

Certificate of Average Earned IncomeCertificate of average wages

Certificate of Tax Behavior

Taxation Data CertificateA taxation data certificate includes:

Workforce information, wages, and payment details
Submmited VAT return records
Submitted reports on intra-community turnover data

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